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Resume from 30 October 2020

Worker. Student in university in Olmaliq

I am looking for a job in Olmaliq, remote work
Rakhimjonov Azizkhon Khusankhonovich
Rakhimjonov Azizkhon Khusankhonovich 18 years old, Olmaliq, incomplete higher education

Work experience

The leader of the the direction of talented youth
2 years 9 mo. Oct 2015 - Jul 2018
Yoshlar Ittifoqi, Olmaliq
2 years 9 mo. Oct 2015 - Jul 2018
To have organizational and good communication skills; Be active and attentive, obliging as well as smart; Responsibility, Creativity and Leadership.
from Class leader at school to City leader in the direction of talented youth.

Incomplete higher education

Webster, Tashkent
Economics and Business Administration
Aug 2020 - Сurrent time


English - advanced, Uzbek - fluent, Russian - fluent, French - basic

Additional information

I always try to find logic or meaning of anything, notice invisible at first details and try to come up with eccentric ways and strategy to face a particular problem.
Leisure activities are studying arachnology, collect information about arachnids(spiders and scorpions), writing songs, motivating surrounding people and being always updated.

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