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Foodstuffs, companies in Uzbekistan

0.0 22 Jun 2020

Prodaja palmogogo masla v Tashkente. Tovar iz Malayzii. kachestvo- visokoye.

0.0 10 Feb 2016

Optovaya torgovliya

Dx, PE
0.0 30 Jul 2020

Pomidor golandskiy sorti krupniy mnogatonajniy ochen horoshiy

Foods Impex Group, PE
0.0 24 Nov 2017

Brendi ostida oziq - ovqat qo'shimchalari savdosi va ishlab chiqarish firmasi

0.0 6 Mar 2018

Global Export Company has been offering customers high-quality products and services since 2017. The main thing that sets us apart from the competition is the ability to adapt our services and products to the needs of the client, as well as a team of first-class specialists. Check out our...

Global-Trade-Exim, LLC
0.0 2 Mar

We recommend you natural agricultural products grown in the fields of Uzbekistan!

0.0 24 Jan 2019

Gurgenh Ecport is newly established company planning to be a bridge between Central Asia in supplying fruits and vegetables, construction materials, etc.

0.0 21 Oct 2020

We are dealer of Infrared equipment. Also we have our own bee farms.

0.0 24 Oct 2018

Provides apples all over the world. An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Only high quality.

0.0 6 Apr 2020

Uzbekistan Bukhara street Gilduvan 24 OOO Sarbon Expres Logistic center

0.0 28 Dec 2016

Qurilish mahaulotlari ishlab chiqarish qurilish montaj ishlarini bajarish kup qavatli bino . ca inshoatlar qurish

0.0 14 Apr


0.0 28 Aug 2019

Export of Uzbek goods to any point in the world. We guarantee quality of products and delivery

0.0 10 Jan 2020

Licorice root export. We represent O'SIMLIK SHIFO NUR LLC that located in Samarkand city, Uzbekistan. Our company specializes in collecting, cleaning, drying, packing and exporting licorice roots. Our licorice roots are collected from Karakalpakstan’s wild steppes, the source of high quality...

0.0 13 May 2018

Export of semi-finished products / ready-to-cook-food. Oltingugurtni qayta iwlab uzgacha kuriniwda qadoqlab chet el davlatlariga eksport qilish.

0.0 16 Jun 2019

We sell different types of fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan at wholesale. Our company work under the contract terms of FCA with any form of payment. In addition, we help to organize transportation throughout the CIS and the EU countries. For the countries belonging to the EAEU we will help...

0.0 22 May 2020

We are a German Branded trading company that deal in FMCG products and supply all over the world. We deal in Beer, Baby food, Energy drinks, Confectionery, Water, Chocolate just to name a few. Our products areof excellent quality.

0.0 9 Aug 2018

X. K Turiya wholesale company import and export food and also producer of pasta the name of brend "makstar"

0.0 23 Jul 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, We are manufactured and supplier licorice root in Uzbekistan. We want to cooperate with you and supply you with a quality product to your address. We manufacture different types of licorice root as folllows: 1. Licorice root pressed to bale; 2. Licorice root sticks 15-40 cm; 3....

0.0 21 Nov 2018

Qishloq xujalik maxsulotlari ulgurji savdosi va boshqa sohalar.

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